About Kara Pajuhesh Amirkabir

Graphene Ink

KPA has been established to produce quality graphene based material for research and new product development purposes. While our base set of products have been introduced here. We at KPA are enthusiastically looking to hearing your needs and desire to produce custom made products that best serve your purposes.

The key to success is to find the material that gives best performance/cost ratio, and for this purpose we are ready to work with companies and jointly develop graphene based products. This cooperation may begin with a feasibility study to obtain proper formulation and graphene product specification. After industry endorsement, we will supply the formulation and feasible process and graphene based material that best fit the formulation and process.

Our customer focused business model is formed to ensure production of high value added products by expanding and enabling the related industries. In a certain case, silver based products were also employed to make sure customer needs were fully addressed.

We are located in Ebn Sina Technology Tower, being managed by Innovation office in Amirkabir University of Technology. Our products and services are backed by at least ten years of experience of founders in the area of graphene, graphene oxide and their polymer composites and coatings. The research efforts were focused on synthesis, characterization, morphological assessment and performance analysis for applications in many devices including batteries, super capacitors, sensors and detectors. Some of the results have been published here.

If you are new or experienced researcher in the field of graphene, we’ll be more than happy to help you achieve your goals faster and cheaper.

If you are in electric or electronic industry, biomaterial, water sanitation systems, polymer composites and coatings and looking for higher performance or cost effective materials, count on us to grow your industry.

Send us a short email describing your needs and the product and services that you are interested in, we’ll contact you in a timely manner.